(il I anniversario)

Stavo ascoltando della musica e pensavo ad alcune persone che ritengo davvero importanti per il presente della mia vita. All'improvviso, in questo giorno, sei entrata nei miei pensieri. Tu che rappresenti il passato. Quel passato che a volte non mi piace ricordare... Colgo questa occasione speciale, per dedicarti una canzone secondo me molto, ma molto significativa:


Mother please forgive them

For they know not what they do

Looking back in history’s books

It seems it’s nothing new

Oh! Let my mother live...


Heaven is for heroes

And the hell is full of  fools

Stupidity, no will to live

They’re breacking God’s own rules

Please let my mather live...


Father, of all creation

I think we’re all going wrong

The course they’re taking

Seems to be breacking

And it won’t take too long...


Children of the future

Watching empires fall

Madness the cup they drink from

Self destruction the toll...


I had a vision, I saw the world burn

And the seas had turned red

The sun had fallen, the final curtain

In the land of the dead...


Mother, please show the children

Before it’s too late

To fight each other, there’s no-one winning

We must fight all the hate!



words and music by Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Daisley and Randy Rhoads.


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